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About the Study
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About the study

This study intends to track approximately 4,000 New Zealanders over the next few years. All participants in this study have been randomly selected from the New Zealand electoral roll. There are two main components to this study.

Main Questionnaire Survey

This study will be based around biennial postal surveys (surveys repeated every two years) of all 4,000 participants. For those still in employment, the survey will ask a number of questions regarding their work life (e.g., the conditions of their work environment). For those in retirement the survey will ask a number of questions about their adjustment to retirement. For those either working or retired the rest of the survey involves questions focused on around 6 major life areas:

  1. General health (e.g., what activities they might regularly engage in)
  2. Social support (e.g., whether their friends are supportive)
  3. Care-giving roles they may perform (e.g., caring for relatives or friends)
  4. Financial wellbeing (e.g., Kiwisaver membership)
  5. Characteristics of their neighbourhood (e.g., feelings of safety)
  6. Demographic information (e.g., gender, whether they live in a rural or urban area).

Face-to-face Interviews

We will be conducting a number of face-to-face interviews with people from around the country. These interviews will involve an in-depth analysis of specific topics, such as people’s views and perceptions of current or past paid work, retirement intentions, asset management, family and lifestyle choices, and health care.


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